About Us

Anti/Type was established early 2009. What began as an attempt to kick start a small movement in low budget filmmaking has become an energetic, multimedia venture that continues to grow and evolve.

Anti/Type has produced a number of films since its inception, an eclectic selection of fiction shorts, documentary and music videos that span genre, stylistics, intent and aesthetics

Anti/Type has flourished through its ability to adapt and challenge itself – and this emphasis on variety extends into production itself. Anti/Type has been responsible for production on every level of film-making from writing to editing, promotion to tea-making. They produce their own eye-catching posters and have composed a number of award winning scores. This has resulted in a deep overview and understanding of the process of film-making.

Anti/Type has also developed and hosted short film nights screened at various venues, as a showcase for both their own work and the work of up and coming film-makers.

It also enjoys a close relationship with Tin Angel Records. Anti/Type film many of their major live events, following artists nation-wide and internationally. This collaboration has resulted in the production of music videos for their most successful bands, leading to work being aired on national television and screenings at dozens of film festivals. Anti/Type produced a tour DVD for the Devon Sproule Live In London release.

Along with its closest collaborator, fellow award nominated film-making outfit Short Night Films, Anti/Type also ran free film-making and acting workshops, to help develop and strengthen a burgeoning grassroots film industry.
Twitter - @AntiTypeFilms.