Baba Yaga (2011)


THE FILM                                                                                         


Sifted from 100 years of photos and testimony.

In 1906, prominent archeologist Nicholas Marsh traveled to southwest Russia to excavate a new site. He took along his young family and his Victorian values. He found to his tragedy that neither had their place there.

A story about the shortsightedness of colonialism, how history resonates in every conflict and the illusions of cultural bias.


Baba Yaga is about many things without ever being explicit. Its motives and themes are purposely meant to overlap and loop back onto each other. Fact and fiction don’t matter to it, as history (the mother of the story) doesn’t care for it. Only the reader, looking back, does, but as you will see they are corrupted. Interpretation is everything and whether we’ve achieved any of what we’ve set out to do is entirely up to you.

Adapted and Edited by Ben Cook
Narrated by Tom Harrington
Sound Recording by Stephen Clarke
Additional Processing by Lyle Jackson
Produced by Laurence Campbell, B. Cook and Lyle Jackson