Through the Picture House, Darkly (2012)

Post production.

THE FILM                                                                                         

A pregnant woman suffering from depression becomes lost in her own mind. As an experimental drug begins to take hold, she finds the continuity of her life begin to blur. The trial medication supposed to help her cope with prenatal depression has now distorted her perception and haunted by her unborn child, she must battle psychosis, suicide and the stray ghosts that surround her. The old picture house takes her in and becomes a missing place somewhere between Heaven and Hell.  Through the Picture House, Darkly is an ode to the classic ghost story and is shot on location at one of the Lake District’s oldest running cinemas.


Cast / Crew
Written, Directed and Cut by Laurence Campbell
Assistant Director Tanith Maron
Camera Ray Moran
Still Photography Arnold Papadopoulos
Music Fever Blank
Produced by Laurence Campbell, Ruth Whittaker, Lyle Jackson and B. Cook
Starring Ruth Whittaker