The Fourth Wall (2011)


THE FILM                                                                                         

“What’s your favourite film about films?”

Media saturation. It’s a very modern problem. And in a world where everyone says everything resulting in nothing meaning anything, two lowly attendees don’t know what to talk about.

It’s not boy meets girl. Boy has already met girl, and girl doesn’t really like boy. Perhaps this is boy’s problem. Perhaps it’s just that they’ve already said everything. In either case, there’s only one obvious solution: argue about the relative merits and misunderstandings of film theory and critique.

What, you’ve never thought about this before?

The Lost Meta-Posters of The Fourth Wall
A scrapped idea from the film: click for more.

Written and Directed by Lyle Jackson
Starring Brian Harley and Sarah Atkinson
Camera Laurence Campbell and Ben Cook
Edited by Lyle Jackson
Produced Lyle Jackson, Laurence Campbell and B. Cook