Kelly Joe Phelps & Corinne West LIVE – River’s Fool

Anti/Type | March 27th, 2012 - 1:32 am

Another one from the Anti/Type archives this week. Back in 2010, we pretended to be as cool as Kelly Joe Phelps and Corinne West on a date of their current tour. We all snacked at a pub together before the gig, and Anti/Type ordered and shared a bowl of nachos. At the time we thought this was all very American and cool – eating ‘chos and discussing our craft – but in hindsight we were grown men enthusing about colour correction whilst battling over an avocado dip with greasy corn based snacks.

Come to think of it, some nachos sound pretty good right now.

This is Kelly Joe and Corinne with a beautiful live rendition of River’s Fool (found on their album Magnetic Skyline).

Too cool for nachos.

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