Little Annie final poster

Anti/Type | September 18th, 2012 - 2:32 pm

Well, here it is. We are proud to present to you the final poster for Little Annie, the film that officially has Anti/Type’s highest poster to running time ratio (that’s about one poster to every two minutes, people).

Yes, Little Annie is now, and indeed has been, stretching it’s little legs in the big, wide world of film festivals, most recently having screened at the Greenhorn Short Film Festival this weekend. Soon enough, we’ll be releasing the film online, but until then, enjoy the artwork and keep ‘em peeled.

Your eyes, that is. We hope you figured that out on your own.

Also, in the name of generosity and website post economy, the page for our film The Latter Death Of Descartes has been updated with it’s official poster (also below), designed by Anti/Type’s special friend, Brian Harley, of Short Night Films. Also keep ‘em peeled for this one…but maybe a little longer.

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