Kelly Joe Phelps

Kelly Joe Phelps has, over the course of eight CD’s and fifteen years of touring the world, established himself as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter with singular vision and fearless purpose. His mix of folk, blues, and jazz has won him praise from the likes of Bill Frisell, Steve Earle, and Cameron Crowe. Kelly Joe has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and Prairie Home Companion, as well as numerous BBC and other national radio shows throughout Europe, Australia and Japan. He’s recorded with Townes Van Zandt, Greg Brown, Martin Simpson, Jay Farrar, and a host of others.

A brilliant improviser, Phelps is known for his ability to put a new spin on a song every time he plays; inventive and imaginative enough to be able to take multiple styles of music and merge them with his own artistic voice, creating a unique sound both original and universal.

Corinne West, a fourth generation Californian and musician who performs upwards of 200 shows each year, has a voice that simply soars: powerfully eloquent, and coupled with beautifully crafted songs – memorable both lyrically and melodically – she has fashioned a unique identity within American music’s acoustic/roots scene. Her latest record, The Promise, confirms West’s place among the finest young singer-songwriters. In concert, Corinne brings a special grace and fire to the stage. Her songwriting strength coupled with magnetic stage presence create a captivating performance, winning rave reviews at home and abroad. Corinne has toured extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe and the UK, and has been featured on national radio in these regions.

Kelly Joe Phelps and Corinne West have released an album together, Magnetic Skyline, on Tin Angel Records.

And a live video from 2010, ‘River’s Fool':

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